We are a lab exploring how variations in the genome change the structure and development of the brain, and in doing so, create risk for neuropsychiatric illness. We study genetic effects on multiple aspects of the human brain, from macroscale phenotypes like gross human brain structure measured with MRI to molecular phenotypes like gene expression and chromatin accessibility measured with genome-sequencing technologies. We also use neural progenitor cells as a modifiable and high fidelity model system to understand how disease-associated variants affect brain development.  

The Stein lab started in January 2016 as part of the Department of Genetics and UNC Neuroscience Center at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine .  We are actively recruiting creative thinkers with strong motivation to pursue genetics research applied to questions in neural development and neuropsychiatric illness. Molecular biologists and geneticists interested in large-scale, well-powered projects as well as statistical and computational thinkers interested in applying their skill sets to genetics and neuroscience are both encouraged to join.  If you are a grad student interested in a rotation, please email Jason.  If you are a interested in a postdoc position, please send a CV to jason_stein _at_ med.unc.edu.